Learning to breathe.

                                                                                                                                                                {image from google img} hello there, It's been a while, how are you doing? hoping all are safe and breathing well, taking care of basic's in life. This pandemic has, brought us back to basics. right?!.  After years, I suddenly have the urge of blogging back, sharing with you guys something amazing, I have learnt. People who are, already aware must be some amazing souls out there. I just have to share the knowledge to remember! :p. or may be it just the winter vibe! Our bodies are engineered so well, each body part; works like a art. being aware of their bodies, knowing the importance of pranayama, surya & Chandra Nadi - the breathing techniques etc.. has become a necessity for good. positivity, concentrating on our breath for minute has become a challenge.  Today was the day, I actually felt the change at 11:51pm. In

The day, we enjoyed the madness with each other.

yes!!. Married the love of my life. Met my 'Ajay ' for the first time in the year 2005. While the madness of crazily falling in love continued, As years passed by, I discovered myself more, each day being around him. It is, more than a decade of madness in every way possible. 2016 was the year that a North (Indian family) & south (Indian family) poles.!! :p, finally met each other. More than the word LOVE, It was caring for each other brought us together. The only serious conversation of our lives was, Bindu : Even after years, Why do i enjoy your company? Ajay : Ha..ha.. Let's get married!! Bindu : Before me, u got to marry my father!! Ajay : Holy shit, Let's do this. It has taken him a decade to make it happen, The journey has begun. One Life, One Love. xoxo

Life, the way I Indulge.

In case you are new to my blog, you should know i love gardening. My little garden is filling up with. Baby white / pale pink roses, though am not a fan of flowers,   white flowers just bring that little curve on my lips.  Music consuming me.   my  recent thought. for more :   We all are busy in our lives, the more new experiences i face on daily basis,  the more i question myself?.  What am I busy with.?! busy doing. what others want? or busy doing, what I thirst for!. Prioritizing moments, schedules, doing what your heart is craving for, you just cannot miss the pleasure of being happy. It's kind of addictive. I must warn though! Have a great day ahead xoxo

Wishing you a very happy 2016.

As every year passes by, we tend to discover a little bit more, about ourselves. We realize, we are strong, messy, happy, compared to what we were!! I discovered,  I Love gardening, writing my thoughts, expressing myself more; which kind of makes me more happy/clear than before.  In case you wanna read more hop over  - Keep discovering yourselves =)) Have a fantastic year ahead.  xoxo

My Little Green Home.

The Boxes need to have holes, to let the extra water out! Always use gloves, I did create my own organic compost, the developed bugs will be there so!.  Those bugs really help the soil to develop. My own Organic compost with soil. I Love Love Love daisies. This time i tried lettuce too =)) Once you fill the soil and keep it moist. sow the seeds according to their needs like 1/4 inch for daises and 1/2 inch deep for lettuce, to develop the seeds. Always keep the soil moist, sunshine is a must for the development of seeds saplings. will be back with the growth soon.  P.S : yes! I have been away from blogging for a while :(, After the Hud Hud cyclone that hit vizag in Oct 12'2014. A Lot of priorities have changed in my Life.  Nothing has inspired me enough to share with you guys. These days, have been really enjoying the pop music, by Becky_G, Taylor Swift,  Ellie Goulding,Colbie Caillat ..etc & Organic Gardening. It brings out the happiness w

Happiness is

Counting Bars while crossing the Bridge. Travelling to Unknown Surprises Having a Dark chocolate and counting stars Spending time with Loved ones Kicking asses of people, who are trying to harm you :p Enjoying the life the way it is offering you Travelling the roads less taken. xoxo

My Love.

Strawberries favorite dessert these days.  Also I have been inspired lately by a shadow.  How I Fallen in Love with it, & how i wanted to be my Love's Shadow. Felt like writing after a while =) The below thought describes it. xoxo