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Loads of hard work for a single moment.

one of my buddies is an event organizer, who is been really working hard for swetha and Krishna's wedding from a week. yesterday was the wedding and look at the work he has done. bloody bright & beautiful =). Yes this is how a south Indian wedding is supposed to like. Since the request from him was to cover the wedding and the details. Hope I have covered decent enough. fingers cross, though loads of pics has been clicked, shared few of them. 


DoublClik said…
Hey girl,
I'm coming over from The Bookness. Light is the hardest concept and most important to comprehend in the world of photography. To have it be correctly exposed, effects sharpness and color in all of our shots. One way you can tell if pictures are correctly exposed is the color of the night sky. If it looks gray or washed out, it may be over exposed, or too bright. I really like the shot of the twinkle lights out of focus! It looks like it was a beautiful event!

Greetings from Mexico!
Greetings from one photographer to another!

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Unknown said…
So interesting. My husband has a co-worker who went home to India to get married. I wondered what their wedding was like so this gives me an idea of an Indian wedding!

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