Yummy Mango Pickle!

The spiciest, The tastiest and the most popular in Andhra Kitchen's AVAKAI PACHADI in Telugu. The Mango Pickle.  Am definitely not a food blogger, so here is the link of measurements and different recipes to make mango pickle.
Do u like pickles like me? What is your fav? would love to know!

(image 1 by me on instagram. Rest by Indusree.)


Sapana Behl said…
Looks so so yummy. Mango pickle is my weakness and this looks awesome..
thyme Sarah said…
I love that this is such a new food to me. I have never tasted anything pickled from a sweet fruit. I am trying to imagine the taste. I would love to give it a try.
Maddie said…
Ah everything looks too delicious! :/

Isa said…
Those look ridiculously delicious. I just wish mangoes weren't so expensive here!

wow i love food pictures. everything looks so delicious here- yummy.
maren anita

Jay said…
healthy n inviting dear
Tasty Appetite
Fashion Factive said…
Come summers i just cant resist raw mangoes . I just love love love pickles . Mom has made an amazing concoction this summer .

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