On Chennai streets

Though it was an official trip, managed to pull out time :p. 
This beauty will turn into a stunning jewellery piece. More of TERRACOTTA jewellery here.
street shopping @chennai
chunky shopping, while munching away chocolate cookies
Chennai famous Muragan idli + uttapam
my morning yummy break fast
street art in india. chennai.
was in heaven while i stepped in a shop filled with jute bags.
colourful chappal and small street walks.
my mornings were beautiful
what more on earth than perfect coffee do i need.
Even after everything. Nothing beats home, my hand some TIGER.
Back to the normal a bit of crazy lazy life. For a change i like the way it is. 

(all pics through my galaxy note via Instagram @sreebindu)


Oh, so many shoes, so many and so colorful.
Irfanuddin said…
nothing better than such official trips.....:)
Sasha said…
Oh I love those jute bags.<3 so colorful...!!!
Ctina said…
beautiful photos! :)
Shilpa Garg said…
Simply loved the terracotta jewellry and I want to have that idli and uttapam NOW... it's lunch time and these look much better than my lunch! :P

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