Sometime's on a Sunday.

you fall in love with the feel of love over and over.
 wish things never change, more amount of coffee conversations remain and a simple life is lead. 
Life never gives us the dreamy drama life we expect, but surely gives us a chance to make the most out of it.
sometime's we got to realize that present is everything and tomorrow can never bring today.
future is always written but present seems particular on the decisions we make.
decisions in life seems deadly difficult tasks, but we got to make one.
standing for some, trusting some one, keeping the word, understanding, making things happen or at least trying for the love.
Every thing would happen or imagine would happen only by the decision we got to make.
which  I think should happen naturally, because a forcible relation never works.
my thoughts on a Sunday

(image from a repin)


Dilan Dilir said…
nice written dear:)
Camelia said…
So lovely and poetic <3 Lovely post! :)


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