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Chakarasana and my head.

As u are aware, (beginner - 2 month!!) have been a regular student of yoga these days. My yoga teacher is pretty impressed with that, but not at all happy with my chakarasan. I suck at this aasan. How much ever i try, am not able to raise my head in the air. Instructor say's no muscle strength girl :( , and i say what? duh!!.
she say's do it to get it. this conversation happen's while trying chakarasan. imagine my fate. They say it's all about the breath control and mind. 
just got keep practicing. Any tricks and tips?.
My challenge this month. bloody i got to get it right.

P.S : one thing i can definitely promise, yoga relaxes you, changes the stress mode to sleep mode.

(video credit : yoga)


Wow it looks like you really need to be flexible! I wish I could do what the girl in the video was doing!!
Gaby said…
Hmm, tips... do lots of lunges and shoulder stretches BEFORE you practice wheel. Also, take your hands and your feet out a little bit wider, this'll help. And if it's still tricky stack up a few blocks against a wall, 2 or 3 for underneath each hand and press your hands into them, then lift up. Much easier. Good luck to you! x

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