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happy b'day Sis :)

I know!  This Devil looks stunning. we call her kanna.   Ok! it's Party time - Party harder with potato Fry! You must be wondering , what is a potato fry doing on party table . Mom's dinner and we loved it. Happy b'day Sissy!

For Sure - My Dream, is Soon Going to be True

because I do believe in it - How are u ?, Hope u are doing fine :-). Today is a FULL Moon Day - Mom says today is Buddha Pournami too, so it's a great day and no to non-veg. Ok ! Accepted mom; for the reason,  that Dreams are gonna be true, so wish carefully - Any Wish for Good comes true, I am a good girl, so may your all wishes come true and wish for mine too - I have this thing for PARIS - i have never been there nor i have any relatives,but how do i have this thing for Paris- i do not know , what to say actually !! how come i have, so much love and passion for Paris. May Be , Am  Romantic and admire little things in life, like Muri Mixture, Noodles and the passion flows to pasta  - Is there a reason actually - aww... No Idea! I just wanna visit PARIS once in my entire life  - May be single or with my Love. Any one wish is appreciated God . Oh GOD - Would Bribe u with a Mango :p  - Season u know  - pls..pls..Consider My request  or application :)  Here comes -  The Dream of Min…

Fingers Cross xxxxx

I would never dare to do this  & then post it on my blog. But I did :p. I am so in love with my "Half shoes", that i wanna share with u Guys:). They are just color-full-trendy-totally my types ; just for 300 bucks in Indian Currency. Girls and shopping permanent solution for a perfect Week- End. After Years , i bought my self a New pair of  Jean and a Mickey Hand Bag ....Yay!! Yay!!
I am loving it.

Ewww...My Legs look so Tanned !! I need a pedicure urgently. As u people, are aware - Yesterday petrol Raise by Rs5/-. Per litre 70rs in my City - vizag . I would love a pedicure - and - I Hate petrol. But my pushpak viman (my byke) Loves it!! Do i have an option ?? Many call them Crochet Toms - But i Love them calling "Half-shoes" simple and stylish right ? Options?  Don't u own one ? - If do share me the Link 

This is Me from my Studio, Right after my show. We have our AC temperature at 16 degree other wise our system's are not gonna work. They are addicted to…