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Can U Stop your Self !!

How can we stop our self ? from expecting something.For me it's truely impossible. People say that when u stop expecting something, U would be happy !! In such case then, what are scientists doing ? Miss World and Miss Universe pageants doing ? what are flim stars doing ? if they weren't expecting something from life, would they be achiveing something in life. I dont think so !!Then How can we stop expecting ?? At every phase of our life, we expect something. May be that is the reason we work so hard, to achive something in our lives. But once u achive it, u expect more....he he ...!!It May be ' For Someone ' or ' From Someone ' we Expect Right.While expecting " For someone " no harm raises. But expecting " From someone " There u go, the main problem raises. U Cry, U Hurt ur self, Ur heart dosent allow u to be happy, because u were expecting and when that dosent happen, trust me it badly hurts. Each and every person has to pass through this phase in their lives.But still Can u stop ur Self, expecting from Some One !! Try it ..........ha ha....!! Ur still expecting to be happy ....'From Someone'.


coolmukky said…
hi sree...the one wrote on expecting from life is cool...its good to read something like this to recharge minds of the people.keep blogging :)
Ladybird said…
very good and interesting, enjoying your blog.
Well expecting emotional things from someone when you are in a relationship with them, like a lover or a friend or a family memeber is what leads us into troubled waters. What you expect out of your self is based on your capacity to do things. Expecting good thing to happen to others will not trouble us mentally.

So expectations what ever kind they are, as long as they donot create a headache/heartache in our lives its fine!

BONDbandar said…
so simple yet brilliant!!..i found it helpful.
srikanth said…
If we fail in expecting something from some one it is not that is hurting it is the attachment to it is making us hurt and also the conditioning of it from childhood that makes us hurt. So there is no such thing as hurt they exists only as a concept or a idea.
T.Hemanth Kumar said…
good post sree bindu ,it is really a good one
Bob West said…
I enjoyed visiting your blog
God Bless;
Satya said…
chala bavundi....expecting in life..but konchem confusing ga have to differentiae between expectations and necessities....then you will get the answer about how to stop yourself from expecting..aa angle lo okasari alochinchi chudu...keep smiling :)
Yup!!! We cant stop expecting things... I agree with U sree... as i am experiencing it and sensing the pain in it... but I still feel good about it.... AS expecting keeps Us happy keep expecting... and expecting... If we are worth it... keep expecting... One day the whole world will bend all the way to ur feet and will make it to Ur expectations with keep expecting.... there is nothing to lose... keep writing sree :) we expect more blogging from U....

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