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Can U Stop your Self !!

How can we stop our self ? from expecting something.For me it's truely impossible. People say that when u stop expecting something, U would be happy !! In such case then, what are scientists doing ? Miss World and Miss Universe pageants doing ? what are flim stars doing ? if they weren't expecting something from life, would they be achiveing something in life. I dont think so !!Then How can we stop expecting ?? At every phase of our life, we expect something. May be that is the reason we work so hard, to achive something in our lives. But once u achive it, u expect more....he he ...!!It May be ' For Someone ' or ' From Someone ' we Expect Right.While expecting " For someone " no harm raises. But expecting " From someone " There u go, the main problem raises. U Cry, U Hurturself,Ur heart dosent allow u to be happy, because u were expecting and when that dosent happen, trust me it badly hurts. Each and every person has to pass through this pha…

Never Happens !!

Did this ever happen to you ??.....!! Well in my case it'Always happens'.Always in my life try to plan up my week-end & every time it getspost-poned:-( ..due to one or the other reason.In our lives we always keep onthinking"No, this time at any cost today , I need to do this for my sake"but it never happens:-( ....hmm...Can't help !! May be that's how life is ??...Never allows us to do , The way we actually we wanted to do ??.......My heart alwaysfeels,To -Dolist is just a decorative piece of paper or an beautiful accerssory on my table or fridge,etc.. !! Even This week - end ,I did plan outing with myfrds ..but U know it" Never Happens"again stuck up with office work :-( It was so embarrassing from inside..eeeeee... to call them back and say I am really really Sorry, not this time re ! Stuck up with some work :( ..:( did feel'fish yaar'..!! Do u feel thesame...Did this ever happen to you ??.....!!

Just 'Perfect'

Perfect ..What a day ? "june 20th '09"  The weather is just 'The Perfect',its cloudy,drizzling & me on my way to office la la la...ON with Music through ear phones..!! Of Course on my bike enjoying the sense of my dream to drive in such a romantic weather ;p. Wao..felt like yelling out .. This is life..!! :) but didn't ,Life' enjoy it up to extent the way ,the most interesting part was many people were up with their funny raincoats,they were so funny that u just go on tittering ..U just just can't stop giggling ga ga ga .. reached office totally wet haaa !...Very shivering and there; starts my interesting Awesome job as an RJ "ON - AIR "with a hot Cup Of COffee..It's HOT yummy..mmm.. love my Life :) Other than this.....Do U need more..??? Naaaaaa.....
I don't .."Just Perfect "

Why is it called a 'Wish ' why ???

I Wish ,I was a butterfly right now ,wanted to feel the joy,ravishment ; it has with in. A pure "refreshment of joy" it releases every second ,wish i was a butterfly.Still remember the days running back of it ,in my garden,to hold it in my hands; to feel the "sense of touch" of a butterfly which cannot be expressed ,u need to just feel :) ..need that feel back ,because right now i feel it was fun until it wasn't fun because we lost the fun of fun and finding again the fun of the fun of fun wasn't fun. by Robert M.Wilson I wish ,I was a Butterfly.. !