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I wanna, be with you, I can't
I wanna, breathe with u, I can't
I wanna, be close to you, I can't
I can't, i can't, I can't; that is what revolves in my brain
I can't control my self from being scared!! xoxo

I know.

My birthday surprise from my buddies :))

The phase your brain is jammed. You know exactly what you want, yet your heart intrudes saying, do u really want do this? Are you ready? Will you be able to change your entire world for one? Is he the one? Who will become your world? Are you going to be comfortable?
Such questions in our conservative back ground are answered by a single line. Everything is going to fall in place. Do you really agree? Is everything going to be fine? What is going to happen if the vice-versa takes the power?
Often our heart keeps, looking for those moments you enjoy in your surroundings, the moments you cherished, loved; laughed, fought, traveled, never got jaded and you slowly realize that, you are actually happy without a reason!. 

Everyone must have gone through this phase. xoxo