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yes! am Back.

Apologies for the absence, was busy stuck in auditing at work. Financial year, corporate etc.. For now on ME & LIFE; huge changes are expected; the first change was, i have resigned my job as  RadioJockey. Must say it has been one hell of a wonderful journey for almost 7years. Today was my last day, spent all day with my best of the best buddies at work talking about memories, listeners, who made huge impact in my life as an RJ.  'Today' disappeared just like that!  I am definetly gonna miss every one at @RadioMirchi Vizag.   Finally it was time, packed up all the good memories; as the new journey awaits... excited :p

p.s : for now gonna take rest for a while, sit back relax and enjoy life for few days. xoxo

(image credit : Indusree)

Spiritual Scent.

Imagine, Early in the morning & it is drizzling, look at this beauty Meera Bai :)  xoxo

(Image by Indusree.)

Instant Moments

yes! yes! yes! I have been lazy or u can say taken off for a while, taking photographs, blogging, updating etc. Been lazy and enjoying life  a bit! Don't blame, blame the company! Friends! week-ends :) wishing tou all a sexy saturday, any plans? am on instagram @sreebindu, In case you are too please let me know! xoxo