Inspiring Monsoons!

yeah! I have taken off from blogging for a while. Making big decisions in life that, i would have never thought off!. kind of taken a while to decide the risk i wanna make, to learn and explore new beginnings. For sometime now it felt like i have been stuck in place where i wanna be free from, do actually what i wanna do, look up for something that excites me, inspires me to create some thing that satisfies me and i say yes! This is what i always wanna do. Will let you know about the new happening in my life soon :)

For now the Monsoons have been really inspiring, New thoughts, New Life, New learnings.
If you are new to "Me & Life", you should know that i really really love monsoons, they just make me smile. May be, it is just the release of  endorphins in my body!

(images by me.!)


Nice picture

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woww happy rainy days! luvd it :)

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