ok! Purple looks Good.

I was never into this colour (purple), It's weird that our closets hold 50% of the colour we love the most. isn't it? right?!. In my case it is sea-blue-green colour or ocean blue. Since my sis is home for holidays we have been exchanging a lot. (no-description available of the exchange:p) . She ordered me to try the purple colour, the colour which is rare in my cupboard. wiki explains, Purple is differently!! 

The bottom line of the story is, am kind of liking this colour :)). It seems childish to ask, but still, which colour occupies the most in your closet?

(Images by Indusree.)


You a right, purple looks really good, specially on you .

I like your blog, what do you think about, following each other with GFC and Bloglovin. Let me know, I follow back

Thank you,mi followed

Isa said…
My closet is also half sea green/ocean blue. It drives my boyfriend up the wall that I wear so much of the same color!

Diana Mieczan said…
I really like that tee on you and my favourite colour is navy blue. Most of my closet is in that colour. Kisses
Sixth Tractate said…
The purple DOES look great on you!
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Anna Brain said…
Oh wow! You look so beautiful! Love purple! :)
true said…
Love this post! U look pretty!
amazing sense of style
hope youll like my blog as ive likes yours

Sergio, xx

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