She fought till her last breath.

THIS morning Saturday dec 29th, 2012 woke up with the saddest news ever, "Delhi gang rape victim dies: Cerebral edema, swelling of the brain, proved fatal" A swollen brain finally got better of the fighting spirit of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim Nirbhaya (a name given to her by TOI) as she succumbed to her injuries at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth hospital at 2:15am (IST) on Saturday.
I wanna ask why are people trying to drag politics in this issue. ??
After a person dies, is it only then change going to come>>??
Justice has to happen, women need's protection in this dam country #India. How is it going happen??
Are laws going to be rechecked??? Is the change going to happen???
Now Nirbhya is gone for ever, Now what is the justice that can be given? how long are these courts/judges going to take for justice?


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