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Drama in Life.

 While you can discover a huge drama @ weather in my city , scary lighting, winds and unexpected rains.
For the moment, am i going through a lot of drama? partially have to say yes.
The drama from parents, the ultimate idiotic question at this age. when are u getting married!!! (who knows!)
The drama of an excuse to be sad when they are actually darn serious :p
The drama of diet to avoid crispy deep fried chicken :-(
The drama of not feeling well for an extra hour sleep :)
The drama, when u know u have loads of work to do and no idea how to end it.
drama between sadness and shopping, chocolates and stress all time favorite sections in our lives.
don't u agree?? Have you ever been through the drama factor in your life?

(images by sissy : Nikon L120)


Dilan Dilir said…
lovely pictures! :)
Kenziefaith said…
Gorgeous pictures! Love the thoughts behind them.
Hotly Spiced said…
Stirring images and I'm sorry to hear you have been going through a few dramas. Waiting for Mr Right to arrive is better than rushing down the aisle with Mr Wrong xx

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