am still thinking.

what is this fruit called?. oh! ho..What is it called? it has no taste but crunchy. perfect bedtime snack with zero calories. smooth and snowy..hmm.yum.. my grandpa used to get them for me, from the farm {memories down the lane}. oh! boy what is it called?  Any way, will soon pop back, once i remember or ask mom-the-sexy.! better.! OK =). hmm..will this Q allow me to sleep!!.
 wishing u a fruity week-end.

(all images by me!)


darshini said…
this is called albakara in telugu very gud when you are feverish
Anonymous said…
bindu, its called water apple.. sometimes wax apple.. ripe ones are sweet and fragrant.
Lemanie said…
That is the coolest looking fruit ever! It's like an oversized grape had a child w/ a pear.

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