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My week so far.

was healthy! that's healthy coconut water & yum..tender coconut.  working on my scripts for my show  my hurry bury lunch - aloo paratha. (made of potato fry stuffed in chapati!)  those oranges were darn sweet. so was the piece of apple.   my dad made sure, till am healthy again, every night one dose of zero calorie. love u!   mom's love & my fav.  friends gang made sure to full fish my wish and made me a chocolate brownie. Luv u re! Thank you. It was very very delicious and it made my day buddy.  Now you tell me, how was your week so far? Mine, as u could see it was darn hectic and lovely, with hell lot of work. I realize my family and my buddies complete me. They just made sure, i was eating right and working. some times it feels good to be sick. Right? pampering and all that.. Planning to cook for them this week-end :D.  Any Ideas?

(all images by my BB 9780)