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the testing period

Hey every one. How are u guys doing? Is every thing OK. The word OK sounds so relieved. This very moment my life is like, walking on a bed of coal. Hope the testing period is on in my life right now. Wish, i could do something to get that smile back on their faces (prem's parents). My  buddy Prem has met with an accident last Sunday. He is in ICU right now & am not able to see him in that cruel pain. Loved and good ones are always tested. I wonder in one sec, how life changes from heaven to hell. Today evening  at 4pm, he is going through the surgery. Hope every thing goes well and things are back to normal oh god!. Please do wish for my buddy. Hope he is going to recover soon.

P:S: My life is stuck between Radio and My Home (the actual me!) Prem is that one guy who is always by my side in every thing, just wishing those days to kick back soon. I miss you buddy at work. please do recover soon. guys! please do wish for his speedy recovery. U people take care, drive slowly, wea…