Long ....Long.... Ago....So...long ago ..!! Awww...!! No worries am not gonna say a story of my entire 2010..busy life as an RJ. Ah..... !! At last,  i did found some time for my-self  ♥. Past few days i have been continuously watching "The Twilight Series" and it's Quiet addictive , by the way do i have...??any idea ..?? with the chemistry and the narration of the Movie . Here are some moments that i really did adore a lot & irrevocably in love with ! (actually totally mad!)

At last the lion fell in love with the Lamb ..What a stupid Lamb ?.

Am in love with the sense and narration of Helen Catherine Hardwicke (the director) and Stephenie Meyer (the writer)  ..One would feel  "Unconditional and irrevocable L♥VE " only by falling  in love ...Fingers Cross xxx :p....♥♥♥♥♥
Such a beautiful narration Ah !! Love the sense & touch of love ,
just pushes u to express Urself like a deep blue sea waters .Am totally totally in love with this feeling .


coolmukky said…
Unconditional and irrevocable LUV is always there in and around "Us".... Give it a chance.... If you are looking at the moon from your bedroom window... Just try watch it from the roof top ... Its the same moon with a change... Try it... U will see it... I wish that u get more time for yourself and reach people with words....
Anonymous said…

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