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i am in love with my City*

VIZAG/Visakhapatnam *the jewel of the East Coast * Known as city of destiny.I am in love with my city, just love the way it is :-). I must be a small Ant of my city trying to discover something new* every time on my ride.Four distinct seasons, from summer to winter any season my VIZAG looks breath taking, especially u got to see the beach view in rainy season; it looks inspiring, prodigious, intimidating & hot. I am pretty lucky to have a two-wheeler, crossing every traffic jam by cutting the curves easily!! Giggling over 4 & 6 wheelers.(ok Am not breaking any traffic rule:D) Just enjoying the divine smell of corn cum Muri Mixture {My taste buds work perfect}. After R.K.Beach my Next destination is kailash Giri. View from a corner is stunning, being alone, breeze giving u the feathery touch of love, clouds merging, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, looking at the waves ..hmm... Just letting away all the sour tensions to pass through and letting in the tender nature of chocolate to cure my heart. The picture of my city at it’s best in my heart.
I am in love with my city :)


The city is really beautiful. Last time I visited to Vizag (Visakhapatnam), It amazed me in various way. I liked the title of your blog post also.
T.Hemanth Kumar said…
very nice pic and goos description about our motherland vizag

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