Never Happens !!

Did this ever happen to you ??.....!! Well in my case it 'Always happens'. Always in my life try to plan up my week-end & every time it gets post-poned:-( ..due to one or the other reason.In our lives we always keep on thinking "No, this time at any cost today , I need to do this for my sake" but it never happens :-( ....hmm...Can't help !! May be that's how life is ??...Never allows us to do , The way we actually we wanted to do ??.......My heart always feels,To -Do list is just a decorative piece of paper or an beautiful accerssory on my table or fridge,etc.. !! Even This week - end ,I did plan outing with my frds ..but U know it " Never Happens" again stuck up with office work :-( It was so embarrassing from inside..eeeeee... to call them back and say I am really really Sorry, not this time re ! Stuck up with some work :( ..:( did feel 'fish yaar'..!! Do u feel the same...Did this ever happen to you ??.....!!


Sree Karuna said…
I know I am responsible for this! Bur for workohalics like us, what to do?

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