October 24, 2015

My Little Green Home.

The Boxes need to have holes, to let the extra water out!
Always use gloves, I did create my own organic compost, the developed bugs will be there so!. 
Those bugs really help the soil to develop.
My own Organic compost with soil.
I Love Love Love daisies. This time i tried lettuce too =))
Once you fill the soil and keep it moist. sow the seeds according to their needs like 1/4 inch for daises
and 1/2 inch deep for lettuce, to develop the seeds.
Always keep the soil moist, sunshine is a must for the development of seeds saplings. will be back with the growth soon. 

P.S : yes! I have been away from blogging for a while :(, After the Hud Hud cyclone that hit vizag in Oct 12'2014. A Lot of priorities have changed in my Life.  Nothing has inspired me enough to share with you guys. These days, have been really enjoying the pop music, by Becky_G, Taylor Swift, 
Ellie Goulding,Colbie Caillat ..etc & Organic Gardening. It brings out the happiness which is kind of difficult to explain :D

P.S.S : Winters are in, time for some Hot Chocolate, Good days are on! Favourite season.
If you love gardening too, enjoy the process. up!

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