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My Morning Oxygen.

A night where i couldn't sleep for a second, being alone sometimes, brings in a clarity!. waking up at 5am; to the chilled breeze, shakes and stirs you up; on your one layer pyjamas :P  Oxygen makes me feel ALIVE.  one clarity & the next thing I wanna do is capture moments and travel. xoxo


Boomm!! Yeeha. A new year has begun.
Every year we all have resoultions,
saying this year I wanna do this, i am gonna stop doing that. This and That! 
This year, i didn't wanna take any resolution because, i have a hunch that am never gonna fulfill it!!.
 Generally happens every year!!
yet! the surprise, was I have joined my music classes. Guitar! feels scary.
wish me luck!!

p.s : do let me know your resolution, which u have been breaking from years!!??


Wishing each one of you, a Very happy 2014 :))  Cheers to new journeys, new hopes & loads of Love. xoxo