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Twisted Life!

Ever thought? how come, we have 2 thoughts at the same time; while we can only enjoy one. I wanna eat, I wanna go on diet I wanna sleep, I wanna exercise I wanna shop, I don't wanna spend I wanna work, I wanna go on a holiday I wanna do this, I wanna do that I love you, I hate you

p.s : how are you? twisted in right now? xoxo

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Dessert Tonight :)

Mom's Delicious home made Vanilla Sponge Cake :) De-li-cious. Sleep Tight! xoxo

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This Month June.

There was a sexy weather in my city vizag.   kind of happy smile for my birthday.  my sisters little surprise for me on my birthday. June9th. pretty flowers.  My little sissy and me are Gemini's. she is born on may 22nd.! yikes! A little coffee time by beach,  Masala fries!. A Solid tasty brownie!  All happy calories. My yoga teacher is gonna kill me!! June has always been the feel good month, other than my birthday. 
P.S : What are u?? a diet breaker like me?? or a healthy eater?? xoxo

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Moody Mondays.

It exactly defines my mood right now! get it?! Happy+Sad! xoxo

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Inspiring Monsoons!

yeah! I have taken off from blogging for a while. Making big decisions in life that, i would have never thought off!. kind of taken a while to decide the risk i wanna make, to learn and explore new beginnings. For sometime now it felt like i have been stuck in place where i wanna be free from, do actually what i wanna do, look up for something that excites me, inspires me to create some thing that satisfies me and i say yes! This is what i always wanna do. Will let you know about the new happening in my life soon :)
For now the Monsoons have been really inspiring, New thoughts, New Life, New learnings. If you are new to "Me & Life", you should know that i really really love monsoons, they just make me smile. May be, it is just the release of  endorphins in my body! xoxo

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Madhura Meenakshi Temple.

Do not get scared! That is me at the Madhura Meenakshi Temple. Madhruai. The Scariest part was Getting blessed, by the Biggest, heaviest; elephant of the Temple. It was fun!! though.
cumming to my love for food,
If you ever visit Madhrai, pakka try "Jigarthanda" - The Most Famous sweet drink in Madhurai!! Now you know the reason of  my are u doimg?? have a Sweet weekend!xoxo

(images from instagram - @sreebindu)