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Exhibition's are Hell awesome.!

From the Fun Mela at R.K.Beach. Vizag. Me. At the village festival. Bheemili :). Today Beach looks Sexy! Paris at Bheemili Mela! & Cashew Fruit. U made sin???, then you are going to hell. I made a sin by having chocolates @diet! Life Monkey size :) when you are happy. xoxo

(images by me.)

Smiles & Soda!

happy Mommy :)) I look funny in Saree..he..he!! This is what I wore for ugadhi :)) xoxo

(2|4 images by me. Rest by InduSree.)

ok! Purple looks Good.

I was never into this colour (purple), It's weird that our closets hold 50% of the colour we love the most. isn't it? right?!. In my case it is sea-blue-green colour or ocean blue. Since my sis is home for holidays we have been exchanging a lot. (no-description available of the exchange:p) . She ordered me to try the purple colour, the colour which is rare in my cupboard. wiki explains, Purple is differently!! 

The bottom line of the story is, am kind of liking this colour :)). It seems childish to ask, but still, which colour occupies the most in your closet? xoxo
(Images by Indusree.)

colours of Summer!

Man the summer has arrived and it is touching +40 degree's. God! or A.C save me :p.  The above beauty is been captured by my sissy baby :)) xoxo

(all images by InduSree.)