Sometime's on a Sunday.

Feel good things that i wake up to every day :). The above green leaf is called Tulasi and the dark purple one is the krishna Tulasi. It is high in its good medicinal properties. Every day in the morning if a leaf is consumed with one glass of water, they say, the immunity power in the body increases. 
and of course if you are a regular visitor over my blog you would know i have 2 pets, the above one is july and the other one is tiger. If you are a pet lover like me, hop over to this post.
have a great day!

(all images by me.)


awesome :) thulasi and krishna thulasi... remembers me of my home :)
PAPS said…
Love your photography and the dog.
TaNuja said…
Lovely pictures :)

Hope your pets roam free too...
I have a pet dog as well...

chkout :)

smizlicazaza said…
hello dear, I just discovered your blog and I really really like it, so I started to following you, and if you would like to follow me back that would be great :)

superfakekids said…
Lovely pics!!
Maybe you would like to follow each other? xx
amazing shots
much love

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