March 23, 2013

Bits of my week.

A view from Kailash Giri Hill in my city Vizag.
Akka south indian break-fast. I am sure you know the names!
My New Car BLACKIE & New Flats.
It was mom's B'day :). March 13th.
Some Munching.
Beach art.
What better combo in life than corn and Beach. Have a lovely week-end.

(all images by me.)


Dilan Dilir said...

the photos are lovely :D

Shulie Foodwanderings said...

Love taking a tour through your week. Lovely photo journey!

borka gamero said...

love your pictures! congratulations on the new car doll! the beach in your city looks amazing!!
Kisses from Miami,

Rupa said...

You post so many beautiful pictures..I am wondering why I do not get updates...Am trying to fix it...

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