December 10, 2012

New Addictions in Life lately.

hey, how is life lately?. I have been travelling like mad, the reason i was off from blogging for a while. I would completely dis-agree my-self  by the word travelling, have been reading a lot lately too. It's like an addiction, every day before bed till my eyes slap me saying am done, I have been reading like mad. With in a week am done with the 2 reads in my last post. Now am into "One Day" by 'David Nicholas', kind of love Em's & Dexter's  journey. Looks like i have completely become a book addict, which by the way follows with coffee, pet tiger's love, candies, oranges, pomegranates, dark chocolate etc.
good addictions :). Any good addictions in your life? ciao! soon.

(all images by me.)

1 comment:

PAPS said...

I love to travel too.

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