Grown-up's Outing Part - 1

It's Party Time =)
Vizag the City of destiny by night. 
I found a Crab!
my cute sister Indu.
My Favorite Uncle's daughter. Munni. 
Both are home for holidays!
Grown up's at the beach.
hey it's Dec 31st' 2012. Party time, let's post pone the party hang over to Jan 1st' 2013. 
U might be wondering, what must have happened that my look in the above picture seems worried! 
will let know in Next year.
Wishing you all a Sexy New year 2013. Have a Blast, but be carefull. TC

(image credits : 7&8 by sissy, rest by me)


I hope you are going to have an amazing time.
Happy Holidays and a Perfect New Year!
Nathan Moy said…
Such such such great photos, love the crab one and even the blurred ones, so cute. I've just did a "tutorial" post on the three main ways to work the shoulder bag strap + outerwear style, tell what you think ;)

xx The Provoker
Sehar Bique said…
A very very happy new year.. The photos are just lovely..

Dilan Dilir said…
really awesome photos! :) happy new year!
Rowan Reiding said…
Oh, that grab looks kinda scary, haha!

Oh and my blog just moved to WordPress! I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Kelly Jaspers said…
Great pics! Wish you all the best for 2013 :)

Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin/ facebook? Would mean a lot to me!:)


Will step by soon <3
Melissa Cuentas said…
Very beautiful photos and blog! Hope you've had an amazing NYE and happy 2013! :-)

Jennifer Aranda said…
great pics girl!!

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