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Grown-up's Outing Part - 1

It's Party Time =) Vizag the City of destiny by night.  I found a Crab! my cute sister Indu. My Favorite Uncle's daughter. Munni.  Both are home for holidays! Grown up's at the beach. hey it's Dec 31st' 2012. Party time, let's post pone the party hang over to Jan 1st' 2013.  U might be wondering, what must have happened that my look in the above picture seems worried!  will let know in Next year. Wishing you all a Sexy New year 2013. Have a Blast, but be carefull. TC xoxo

(image credits : 7&8 by sissy, rest by me)

She fought till her last breath.

THIS morning Saturday dec 29th, 2012 woke up with the saddest news ever, "Delhi gang rape victim dies: Cerebral edema, swelling of the brain, proved fatal" A swollen brain finally got better of the fighting spirit of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim Nirbhaya (a name given to her by TOI) as she succumbed to her injuries at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth hospital at 2:15am (IST) on Saturday. I wanna ask why are people trying to drag politics in this issue. ?? After a person dies, is it only then change going to come>>?? Justice has to happen, women need's protection in this dam country #India. How is it going happen?? Are laws going to be rechecked??? Is the change going to happen??? Now Nirbhya is gone for ever, Now what is the justice that can be given? how long are these courts/judges going to take for justice?

New Addictions in Life lately.

hey, how is life lately?. I have been travelling like mad, the reason i was off from blogging for a while. I would completely dis-agree my-self  by the word travelling, have been reading a lot lately too. It's like an addiction, every day before bed till my eyes slap me saying am done, I have been reading like mad. With in a week am done with the 2 reads in my last post. Now am into "One Day" by 'David Nicholas', kind of love Em's & Dexter's  journey. Looks like i have completely become a book addict, which by the way follows with coffee, pet tiger's love, candies, oranges, pomegranates, dark chocolate etc. good addictions :). Any good addictions in your life? ciao! soon. xoxo

(all images by me.)