Lights Camera Action. Diwali!

My new dress, this diwali :)
sissy trying not to be messy, getting ready to light diya's for diwali.
Diwali Diya holders. Gifts.
Crackers yay!!
performing diwali puja.
Dinner time with family. dad and sis.
So this is how, my Diwali cracked me. The most quality time spent. sis was home for diwali and mom made some yummy food items. My fav part of the meal was pulihora, plain dal, Mango pickle with white rice yumm.

(all images by me, 2 and 8 pic by sis.)


deeps said…
bright and traditional
woww itz awesome :) am new to your blog and loved it and yes am following it from now :):) :)
Your photography skills are amazing!I am following you and it would be great if you would like to follow me too :)
Sasha said… are superb ,especially the first..... falling in love with your photography!!! :)
deeps said…
looks like fully lost in the festive season...

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