An Auspicious Trip in my City

The first place you are going through is Madhavadhara, The Place i Live in Mountains.
The second place , am going to walk through is Simhachalam. You can look over the history here.
when ever i get a chance, i never ever miss to visit Narsimha swami temple. Somehow he calms me down.
there are extremely no thoughts at all surfing my mind, when ever i visit Simhachalam.
Some of my best buddies were in town, Bharathi, Anamika and Prem co-radio jocks.
Next Time when you visit my city - the city of destiny vizag, make sure u take out time to visit the sacred place Simhachalam. The place that makes u feel precious, you would know when u visit.

(images by me.)


Shilpa Garg said…
I must say, you are an amazing photographer!!
Liked the first one a lot!
And your pics tell a wonderful story of your city! :)
Shoko said…
so, so gorgeous. i love the colors!
Sasha said…
Nice clicks Bindu and ya proud to be a vizagite.. :-D

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