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A Little Chilli Talk.

Are you a chili person?, obviously you won't stay chill after having one, but we all do need that hotness in all our lives. Some do it for entertainment and some for a kick in life, some make living out of it, some enjoy cooking it and some people like me, for a change like capturing it and tasting it. So today had a really spicy omelette for breakfast, no wonder am chatting with you about the spicy omelette having my dinner. As you could drive the thought to my Monday  i would break it, saying it started out very moody, but that chilli kicked me out of sleep. Now before going to bed, a round off, through my favourite blogs along with buttermilk sounds better.

p.s : A few pictures from the chili spot in my cute garden.

(images by me.)


Shilpa Garg said…
These are the chilies from your garden!? Damn cool! I am an average chili person, but never a raw chili eater, unlike my husband whose no meal is complete without a raw pungent green chili!
I can smell the fresh peppers, I love that smell of green.

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(all images by me!)