Made Samosa's in the dark.

do you like samosa's?. I wish i could show you the filling, it is gorgeously filled with beetroot and coconut curry. Now let me take you through my adventure of making samosa's in the dark. First issue was the one hour current cut everyday. As soon as my raw samosa was ready current cut. Waiting one hour was out of question!. I was so dam hungry, Mom and i couldn't wait so we thought let's fry these babies. By the time current was back the samosa's were in my stomach :D

(all images by me.)


This looks so yummy; me, I just had my dinner, salad with some more salad.
Shama Nagarajan said…
awesome ..join me in Fast food - Pasta , Know your Sweetness - honey and Know your Flours -Corn flour event in my blog.
luvvleighb said…
Oh yummy! I would have devoured them too!
Kimberley said…
I love the sound of beets with coconut curry!
katya said…
I love samosa's!!! and now I have a great idea for a dinner today!:)

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