Taste of Sweet Butter-nut Squash Curry.

Yes. Some time's on a Sunday, I do love to cook. This time it is Teepi Gummadi kayi Pulusu (english translation is the post-tile).  This curry is my mom-the-sexy's simple south Indian version. I generally do not understand the language of measuring and cooking, really get confused if i start measuring. Amma, i meant my mom says always go by your instinct, estimated amount. some time's it works for an amateur most of the time it fails. but experience always works. The curry came out really delicious. Tastes best with white Rice.

The Ingredients used are :
  • Sweet Butter-nut Squash.
  • Jaggery
  • Tamarind Juice
  • chillies
  • Onions
  • salt
  • turmeric
  • Red chilli powder
  • Oil
As the process is already in the pictures, the process of the recipe would be this way  with measurements. 
Hope you enjoyed my small journey in my kitchen. Thank you for Joining me for the moment. It is fun isn't it.

(all images by me.)


Purabi Naha said…
mmm...yummy food! Loved this recipe and pictures!!http://cosmopolitancurrymania.blogspot.com/

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