March 20, 2012

New Bangles.

I love bangles, ear-rings, anklets, long chains. off!! I love jewelry, not to mention the simple ones.
 Especially bangles are my favorite. 
Though am very choosy and takes hell lot of time to select, which makes the seller sick :p.
 I Take my own time =). 
Yesterday there was a exhibition in my city. Girls-shopping-exhibition just perfect.
 Me and my buddy lekha were off to the exhibition almost like after 3hrs chose these color stone's studded bangles.  If you are from vizag-my city. Exhibition @ Hotel sreekanya, diamond park circle, Visakhapatnam.  
and your fav? bangles ? anklets?

(all images by me!) 

1 comment:

jillian m. said...

Really pretty! I like to take my time too. Shopping + rushing = impulse buys!

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