Omelette and coffee.

do you think, there is any better break-fast than a good toast, omellete & a delicious coffee to start a day?. Yes! of course south-Indian idili & extra coconut chutney in my case. Either way this week-end started in a hurry and cozy mode, so just made my-self an omellete and cup of coffee. Was in a hurry to get to work today, to complete the work asap and hit my YOGA and Massage session. yay!! am loving it. 
Just trying to fry some fat :p. 
are u also trying to roast the holiday fat? hitting the gym? cardio? running or yoga like me?

(all images by my bb9780)


coffee + eggs are better than peanut butter + jelly to me :)

xo Alison
Miss Molly said…
well this looks like a great breakfast. i am totally hungry now :)

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