Before bed these days..

 i just eat, pray and feel the love. Now a days, i just follow my heart and it feels so, so good and peace full. Oh! yes, i would give away the credit to yoga. Other wise, every day at work would have been a hell. pressure, politics, stress, everything sucks!. so just decided to do my bit. Just work for it and leave the rest to destiny. 

Some times feel so lucky, living with parents; the way they take care of you, when you are sick, the way they help you in the time of need. The way they encourage you, and am totally lucky. you know what?, i know, i have said this before; but still my dad, he makes sure, i compulsory have a fruit before going to bed, my-mom-the-sexy makes sure i pray with her before going to bed for a peace full sleep. Living with parents, are the best days of life. Enjoy every bit of it, love them back and do anything to take care of them. Never ever hurt them for anything, because nobody can never ever replace them in your life. Never. 

I love you mom and dad =)

p.s : my sis, dogy & friends are the best buddies in the whole world.
Do you live with your parents ?

(all images by me!)


Sehar Bique said…
What a lovely blog!!!!!

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