about. mom the sexy, white rice & fish curry.

First of all apologies for not being around for a long time, i miss talking to you. how are things on your side? These days work is really being hard on me. multitasking and keeping up the hope, by saying my-self,  this is the age to work and gain the experience from mentors or else when are u actually going to do; what our heart always wanted u to do. I am a happy soul on that :). Ok! now away from work and back to you.

As promised here is the India Fish Curry made by mom-the-sexy. for the first time i have actually helped my mom making her favorite version-fish-curry; that her mom actually used to make for her. she misses her a lot. After a really really long time she made her favorite fish curry, sharing all the memories with me. How she used to cook with her mom at her village in west godavari district. India. Following dad, for 22 years being away from her mom, family, she really misses them a lot. something missing in the heart. Any way.  I love you mommy.

P.S : Always make your loved ones feel special. they leave everything for you. on that good note cannot wait for a relaxed week-end. Indian fish curry recipe over here. Hugs!

(all images by me!)


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