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Street food - homemade.

Home made "Pani - Puri" - The famous Indian street food.

That's One of my Fav Mango cut cup filled with coconut and boiled Chickpeas, with a touch of lemon.

This was the first time that we did try it at home with my mom. It was delicious.

Pani-Puri - In pani we had water mixed with pudina, roasted cumin powder, salt, Mint leaves and lemon juice

The Home made puri's in pani-puri and rest of the ingredients which include curd, chopped onions,tomatoes & savory.

You could even just have puri's with simple curd along with boiled Chickpeas (healthy option)

For the first time in my life, cooked with my mom. Generally she doesn't allow me in her kitchen. 
I mess it up really easy so! (the banging option on my ass is also on.!)

Last week-end we made pani-puri's at home. which means, it is the famous street food in India. we do even have competitions on the Maximum number of puris a person could consume. Though am not the winner; it is always fun. The Actual street food version is with the smaller puris, with a bit of potato curry dipped in the minty pool mmm..yumm!.  Since this one, is the home made version, these are the medium sized puri's. Hoping for more delicious Week-ends. Until next time hugs and loads of love.

P.S :- Wanna know the Recipe.? here it goes pani-puri.. Making puri is really easy! once it is done, you could choose the rest of the ingredients of your choice as i used curd, grated coconut, chickpeas etc... That personally touch is really important u know!

P.S.S : - History of Pani-Puri. Awesome right? Now try it for your-self & do let me know your favorite street food?. Would love to know!.

(all images by me!)


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