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soupy twist

Home made Pasta - Mom the sexy gave a twist by turning it Soupy.

It was really delicious. The other day i was really hungry, late home from work. She was on the angry mode.

We all are aware of the fact, late night heavy foods aren't really good for health. So did avoid rice, instead mom made twisted pasta  - the twist was yummy pasta turned into a soup.

I Know that's a clean spoon :D. does it need a wash? :p Yes! -  Mummy was happy along with tummy. 
bam super tasty, super easy & super digestible. perfect late night food.
Here goes the Recipe  - pasta soup for 2. You could say my dream for paris and pasta rocks!

Ingredients: 2 small packets of twisted pasta2 onions2 tomatoes5-6 thin green chilies (i love spicy food).the pasta packet consists of the Magical spice powder. which consists of (1/2 tsp of cumin, turmeric, chilli, dry prawn, black pepper, cinnamon along with coriander powder).1/2 tsp. saltgrated ginger and garlic.fresh green coriander. 
Directions : boil pasta with  1/2 …

plums, coffee almond fudge, chicken & a surprise!

This is the first time, i have ever tried a plum.

Very costly, 4 plums costed me around 135rs/- off...i say worth a try; specially loved the onion shaded luv.

week-end reads with a coffee flavored coffee almond fudge. yumm..

Red Magazine is the My city Vizag's local magazine.  

Last month august they did cover a special edition of all the popular Local RJ's @ all Radio Stations. 

My mom & i was surprised to see this. Peek a -boo!
 My mom was really happy of me being an individual. which was for me, the actual surprise. I always wanted to do what i am good at. I never wanted to be somebody, always wanted to be me, rather than getting married. which my father never cared (the silence still continues since 7years..). I have seen the hard days very badly since i was 19 being on my own. paying my college fee, working part time, events, Radio Mirchi :). But today am a happy soul, am happy that mom-the-sexy-is-happy. I love you mom for allowing the dream that u so wanted to be as an in…

Street food - homemade.

Home made "Pani - Puri" - The famous Indian street food.

That's One of my Fav Mango cut cup filled with coconut and boiled Chickpeas, with a touch of lemon.

This was the first time that we did try it at home with my mom. It was delicious.

Pani-Puri - In pani we had water mixed with pudina, roasted cumin powder, salt, Mint leaves and lemon juice
The Home made puri's in pani-puri and rest of the ingredients which include curd, chopped onions,tomatoes & savory.

You could even just have puri's with simple curd along with boiled Chickpeas (healthy option)

For the first time in my life, cooked with my mom. Generally she doesn't allow me in her kitchen.  I mess it up really easy so! (the banging option on my ass is also on.!)

Last week-end we made pani-puri's at home. which means, it is the famous street food in India. we do even have competitions on the Maximum number of puris a person could consume. Though am not the winner; it is always fun. The Actual street foo…