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One Life.

One Life, One Love, One Heart, One Moment and Every thing changes.  Every thing changes in that one second.  we all still remember That one second, when we achieve our dream, That one second , falling in Love,  That one second, just before getting married, That one second, we leaving our Family, That one second, entering into a new family, That one second, a BABY is born. The whole world changes.  In Just, One Life, One Second every thing changes. Just Keep cherishing each and every moment. Time just passes away, capture away every memory. Give away  as much Love as u can. Who knows, the next moment enters or not?  It's really difficult to get Loved Ones. Anger should always be dominated by Love. Don't ever loose them for any thing. Life will never give a second chance.
P.S :- I Remember that one second, when my grand pa left me. The only one in this whole world, who was close to me. I Miss him. When was that one second in your life? that changed your life - Thoughts! xoxo

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