For Sure - My Dream, is Soon Going to be True

because I do believe in it - How are u ?, Hope u are doing fine :-). Today is a FULL Moon Day - Mom says today is Buddha Pournami too, so it's a great day and no to non-veg. Ok ! Accepted mom; for the reason,  that Dreams are gonna be true, so wish carefully - Any Wish for Good comes true, I am a good girl, so may your all wishes come true and wish for mine too - I have this thing for PARIS - i have never been there nor i have any relatives,but how do i have this thing for Paris- i do not know , what to say actually !! how come i have, so much love and passion for Paris. May Be , Am  Romantic and admire little things in life, like Muri Mixture, Noodles and the passion flows to pasta  - Is there a reason actually - aww... No Idea! I just wanna visit PARIS once in my entire life  - May be single or with my Love. Any one wish is appreciated God . Oh GOD - Would Bribe u with a Mango :p  - Season u know  - pls..pls..Consider My request  or application :) 
Here comes -  The Dream of Mine - My journey to Paris....
 A view from my window at Paris

That Would be "ME" - one day for Sure 

Trying to live the Language.

No  - I didn't  -  What a Perfect Ending Right ?.. Wish for My Dream of visiting Paris Come True :). Have u Ever been to ParisHow was your experience ? do u live in Paris ? aww...Have a Great Day!

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