She is Messy but

i loveee... her ;this is my wild devil  - she is the cutest too - My sis♥ .Whom we all love a lot  - we all call her Kanna , that's her pet name - actual name sounds dam cute  - Indu Sree - I am bindu and she is Indu -  my parents  rhythmic sense , u know:D !  she was sad yesterday :-( , which makes me sad too :(  - Ok! Now let me frame a real life-true-story for u's going to be tastey,  yummy & more ..Here goes..yesterday when i did call her , she was really sounding sad .
 Reasons vary :- 1) on with summer holidays  - 2) she was bored etc..silly reasoning right , but the expression silly turns into sick,  when u actually realize that she stays at a HOSTEL . Sick Right !! The course she is pursuing right now, keeps her far from us-far from home( Visual communications ) . Now i Got to change this Sad  - Smile  - Here it goes  

How could i miss the moments that she is gonna Enjoy further -  every part of it needs to be captured right.. ?? excuse me for the shaky mobile captures. 

how could u resist ..?? 

Now u could see the Wild devil turning into a Happy soul ;which makes me happy:)

Now Look at that stunning expression - too dramatic ha..!! That expression :P - ha !
On that Note  -  how was the story ? Let me know the sisterly love that u share , would love to know ..they must me adorable  - the above expression repeats :P - Okay folks, that's all for now;  
will be back with more Take care :)


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