this is what , I always wanna do ♥

My city's  Sand warm enough to cuddle ,R.k.beach , Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh, India

perfect sunrise, hope have captured with my cute blush Nokia E71.

 Look at the Rise , every ray falls in a line.

This time yes i have done it . Every time i pass through this sea shore,
i do always imagine my self getting dirty ,playing in the sand , especially
early hours like about 5.30am in the morning :p , too early to wake up na ??   But No compromise this time - I woke up,  took out my lazy bum(:P) with me on my bike; and drove to my destination that was pictured on my mind .After a very very long time, i did what i really wanna do :) , jump , play , laugh etc's been years that i wanna do this;finally manged this Sunday travelling 20kms far from home;near to my imagination ♥ at R.k.beach. My city vizag - the city of destiny at Sreebindu's best - Ah... !! Isn't the view adorable..??
At 5.30 am in the Morning..! All were my Nokia E71 mobile clicks blush...!!

This is what, i always wanna♥ do - I enjoyed every bit of it, SO just
do what ever your heart says !! 


Toyin O. said…
Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing:)
Erica Belle said…
Grr. I need to go to the beach, I'm jealous!
T.Hemanth Kumar said…
fabulous pic sree bindu ,thanks for sharing :-)

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